Full and half day tours to Gabo are available from Gabo Island Tours who are based at the Merimbula Airport. The pilot and tour guide is Ian Baker, the manager/lessee of the Airport terminal. The flight is in a Cessna (see below) which leaves Merimbula at 10am. 

Ian follows the coastline and adds a very informative commentary through the headsets which each passenger has available. They have a voice activated microphone so everyone is able to talk to each other. The ex whaling town of Eden comes into view together with a great view of Boyd's tower, the lighthouse that never became one but was used to spot whales. 


A few minutes after taking off, the plane follows BenBoyd National Park down to Eden, Greencape Lighthouse, Disaster Bay, Cape Howe and the Nadgee wilderness area. A quick 30 minutes after leaving Merimbula, the tower at Gabo comes into view. On our trip on 30 September 2000, we were lucky enough to see a humpback whale and her calf resting in the shallows near the island.  


This shot of the island looking South West shows the tower and the surrounding granite from which it was built. The light is now automated as are just about all Australian lighthouses. The airstrip is the light strip of green running from left to right just in front of the heavy vegetation. It stretches from one side of the island almost to the other


For bookings contact Gabo Island tours, Merimbula Airport Terminal on freecall 1800 02 44 55 or 02 6495 2958. Email to merair@acr.net.au . The cost of the trip is $198 per head return which includes a gourmet lunch. The weather on Gabo can be changeable so do not forget to carry an extra jacket or sweater. Include a hat, sunscreen and a good pair of walking shoes.


Shortly after landing, Ian gives his charges an interesting talk about the history of the lighthouse with some amusing anecdotes. It's construction was the subject of intrigue and fraud and misappropriation of funds. Shipwrecks and folly abound. After the talk everyone ventures up the tower, just over 200 steps get you to the top where the view is magnificent almost 50 meters above ground. 


Gourmet lunch can either be partaken of in this flywire proof shelter or under the wing of the aircraft. We elected for the shelter. The food was brought in the plane in eskys and consisted of delicacies such as King Island Brie, locally smoked salmon, salad, quiche, fresh fruit, coffee or tea and a very excellent cold white wine. Coincidentally our friends were from Victoria and had a cottage close to Otway lighthouse which is also linked to these pages.


After lunch a walk around the island is definitely in order. Ian takes us around the perimeter and tells us about the "little" penguins and their breeding habits an points out some of their nests with great care so as not to disturb them. The rules are pretty strict as to just where we are allowed to walk.  This pic of a penguin nest made in the local Kikuyu grass. The white spot shows where the entrance is.



At around 3pm we depart Gabo and head back to Merimbula flying over Mount Imlay and Eden after a great days adventure and the chance to learn more about this vast continent of ours. This web page is totally unsolicited and has been produced because we had such a great time and because of our interest in lighthouses. If you enjoyed these pages please leave a note in my guest book.

Humpback Whale and calf from 1000 feet

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Boyd's Tower, Eden.

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Cape Howe

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Gabo cottages

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